Extra Material

Here’s a selection of the books and films that underpinned my research for The Escape:


Here’s a selection of the books and films that inspired The Night Raid:


Here are some of the true stories that inspired The English Agent:

a-life-in-secrets  all-the-kings-men  sister-secrets-and-sacrifice
flames-in-the-field  the-heroines-of-soe  occupation-ordeal-france

This DVD provides a fascinating insight into the work of the SOE, and the actors were real-life SOE agents:


And of course, I had to watch this one:


Reading Group Guide

Reading Group Questions

1. Did the story grab you straight away or did you take a while to get into it?
2. Which character did you most connect with, and why?
3. Did you feel any of the characters changed over the course of the book, and if so, how?
4. How did the author use her research? Did you learn anything new about this period in history?
5. Was the ending satisfying? If not, why, and how would you change it?
Finally…if you could ask the author a question, what would you ask? You can do it here on her Goodreads author page:



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